What If...Your Life is a Direct Result of Your Thoughts?

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Have you ever stopped to realize that everything that humans have ever intentionally created first began as a thought? It's pretty amazing to think about. Give it a few moments to explore.

Now, take that to your own life. The things that you've intentionally done in your life started with you first thinking about it. Some things required a lot more thought than others. Some things you likely wish you'd given more thought to than you did at the time.

Results begin with thoughts.

Take a look at the results you have in your life and identify what thoughts lead to them. Were they intentional thoughts?

  • What results are you wanting in your life that you don't have yet?

  • Are your current thoughts going to help you get those results?

  • What will you need to be thinking in order to bring those results into your life?

  • What's in the way of thinking those thoughts and getting those results?

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