• Mimi Porter

What If...There's a Sentence in Your Mind That's Making A Mess?

Updated: Feb 28

Researchers tell us there are thousands and thousands of sentences (thoughts) that go through our minds every day. That would be a huge job to try and count them. I'm sure not going to try.

Have you ever realized that thoughts are simply sentences in your mind?

That's all they are. Just a sentence.

In many, many cases it's not even a true sentence.

Stop and think about that for a minute. Identify some sentences that have passed through your mind that weren't true.

Most of the thousands of sentences don't get our attention, but many do. Some we choose to ignore and others we fully believe and then we act from them.

Some lead to our making a big mess, if we believe them.

The way we act in our life is based on which sentences we believe and which ones we don't.

  • Did you know it's optional to believe the sentences in your mind?

  • What sentences are creating a mess because you're believing them?

  • Why are you believing them?

  • What do you want to believe?

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