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Hi! I'm Mimi and I coach successful people who have “checked the box” for most of what they want in life, yet still feel discouraged most days. Is this you?

Are you believing you should feel more satisfied with your life and relationships, but don't?

Do you recognize that your life looks amazing from the outside and then beat yourself up for not feeling better about it?  If that describes you then I'm your coach!

I love working with discouraged people because I used to be one until I found life coaching tools.  I used them to change my life and relationships in all the best ways.  Now, let's use them to help you change yours!  The wait is over.  Get on my schedule today!

Sat on the Rocks


I'm a certified life coach through The Life Coach School and I've coached over 6,000 sessions. I know the secrets to overcoming discouragement.

I help my clients make huge shifts in their lives.  I can help YOU, too!

If you're ready to overcome discouragement and love your life and your relationships, join me now.

Your best life is about to begin!